ludovic wautier


Lighting artist Ludovic Wautier started touring around renowned scenes across Belgium in 1997, along with the Belgian blues band Fred and the Healers. In 2001, he then opened up to Europe, to be crossed in collaboration with the band Venus. The team came along, among others, artists such as Applause, Girls in Hawaï, Ghinzu, Jamie Lidell, Saule, Great Mountain Fire, Soldout, Montevideo, and Sharko.
Being on tour for almost 20 years, he discovered Europe’s most beautiful concert halls (Olympia, AB, Zenith, Paradiso…) and the greatest festivals ( Zsiget, Werchter, Eurockéennes, Dour, Paléo…).
Ludovic toured around more than 1500 cities, 25 countries, including China and the U.S.

“Light is the artist’s work extension. It is the bond between the audience and the band. A visual objectification of music that takes the audience on a journey to the desired destination.” – Ludovic on his work.


ludovic x gih