marie helpin

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Marie Helpin is a young French artist who lives and works in Brussels. Since fews years she is attracked by things humains can leave after them, fragments that remains into nature. Espacially after an accident. However how powerfull was this accident, we only see the remains, for example after a plane crash or a wreck. During her studies in the printmaking studio in La Cambre, she developed a research on the language of printmaking that explores the image and what we don’t show to the viewer, its etch matrix. The etch matrix and its relation to the imprint form the basis of Marie Helpin’ works. She uses it in its capacity as object and not only as reproductive element. It is now going through experimentation, it is handled and tested.

As accident remains, the etch matrix and his print is a proof of something happen, and thought form and different process they acquire this incredible capacity of resilience. Her last work made at the Art Center of Textile in Belgium allowed her to question new territories and crafts related to sculpture and installation. Through writing she tells the stories of objects and images she create. There is, in her work an idea of ​​mutation and connection through the materials. She sees destruction as a way of creation.