nationa(a)l talent hole opening

The opening of the Nationa(a)l Talent Hole is this Thursday, 15 December!

We are organising an Open Air Afterwork with Zukunft Brussels to celebrate it.

Ilke Cop (Fashion Design) & Joke Van den Hof (Illustration Animation)

Ilke and Joke will be sharing the atelier for one month, and they have already decided that they will be doing something together..! We cannot wait to show you more as we move forward.

MUSIC for the Afterwork:

Digital and visual performance by Les Garages Numériques

Who said Brussels is a hell hole? We say Brussels is a Talent Hole!

Nationa(a)l is back with a pop-up paviljoen! To show that Brussels is buzzing with creative talent and to celebrate our artists, Nationa(a)l is proudly presenting the pop-up atelier ‘Nationa(a)l Talent Hole’, right in the heart of the ‘Mont des Arts’ (literally Mountain of Arts!). Discover the work and universe of six great artists in two interconnected spaces: a multidisciplinary artists residency and a co-working bar & shop allowing visitors to get inspired and meet the #talentsvandemain. A series of performances, vernissages, conferences and other events will be organized throughout the three months of the Nationa(a)l Talent Hole. Really, the Talent Hole offers you the opportunity to meet & #kisseenartiste from Belgium.