the pavilion

Designed and produced by Arko Studio, our pavilion will be for three months a display and incubator for Brussels’ creative talents.
Divided in two equal parts, one half being an artists workshop, the other being an open workspace/bar, its purpose is to insire its visitors, be it the artists in residency, the freelance workers in the bar, or the casual tourists passing by.
pavillon axonométrie

Arko Studio

Arko Groupe

Arko is today an interdisciplinary creative platform that brings together passionate creative professionals from various backgrounds.
In an attempt to exchange ideas and know-how this communal studio is constantly evolving. Now a simple creative studio Arko wishes to become a way of thinking, the label of a reasoning process around contemporary creation.
While interrogating space and its relation to the public, we experiment with new interactions with spectators, through the creation of a specific universe correlated to the expectations and desires of our clients.