the nationa(a)l talent hole



Has anyone told you that Belgium is the country with the highest creativity density in the world ? Have you heard that Brussels was the new Berlin and that many artists were moving in to establish their workshops ?

Access to these workshops is reserved to a lucky few, who can actually witness this creative renaissance of Brussels that the media talk so much about. 
However we can assure you: our capital is teeming with artists !

With the opening of the Nationa(a)l Talent Hole, Nationa(a)l opens an ephimeral artists workshop to the greater public, so you can experience the daily life of an artist, their artistic journey and process. The Talent Hole offers you a peak into their very secret world. Come and #kisseenartiste!

Our pavilion will be erected at the heart of the Royal Fine Arts Museum, where every month two artists from various disciplines will be welcomed for a residency, working together and inspiring each other… The pavilion will be partially transparent so as to establish a connection between the artists, their world, and the public.

Facing the workshop, we are opening a bar where visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or a local beer, in an inspiring environment. This co-working bar will offer you the possibility to work during the day and will also serve as an exhibition space and shop for our artists.

It will of course be possible to meet the artists, through an appointments system. A series of performances, concerts, vernissages, conferences and other things will be organised throughout the three months of the Nationa(a)l Talent Hole. See the programme HERE


For a PUBLIC wishing to discover the talents who contribute to Brussels’ creative renaissance since a few years.

Pour lesFor the ARTISTS who wish to work in an inspiring location, to share their know-how, with fellow creators and with the public.

WHEN ? FROM 15.12 TO 15.3

Vernissage – Inauguration on 15.12

Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 12.00 to 20.00

+ info on happenings and programme on


6, place du musée-museumplaats, 1000 Brussels