NATIONA(A)L will help you to take a leap toward unexpected discoveries. Every month, we will promote one artist or cultural initiative from nine distinct creative disciplines.



Terres de Rêves designs porcelain and stoneware for the sophistaced homeowner. Handcrafted and created by the team as an artistic interpretation of how day-to-day objects can attain a level of creative expression. Terres de Rêves has become synonymous with the luxury contemporary home. Serax also reproduces and distribute a part of the collection of Terres de Rêves.
"Emotions captured in stoneware."
- Anita Le Grelle from Terres de Rêves
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Cinema Nova

Cinema Nova is an independent cinema in the heart of Brussels. They organize different thematic programs that will encompass a variety of flavors and colors all while maintaining a general Nova-esque cohorence. Just one week before they will attend NATIONA(A)L Artist Supermarket, they'll host the Pink Screens film festival by Genres d'à Côté. Pink Screens is a Brussels queer festival, an ode to different gender identities and sexualities. The film program is filled with a wonderful mixture of fiction, documentaries, experimental film, short and full-length films. Go and check it out.
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Sketch My Mind

Sketch My Mind is an independent label focusing on silkscreen printing, founded in 2015 by two young Belgian entrepreneurs coming from the art world, Louise van Reeth and Salomé Lindenberg. They believe silkscreen printing is the new contemporary art medium - both appealing and affordable. They carefully select the artists they consider essential to the Belgian art scene and give a place to these emerging artists and yet-to-be-discovered gems. Silkscreen printings of Benjamin Ottoz can be bought at Sketch My Mind.
"My work wants to be in-between, in the place where boundaries run; where things are uncertain and ambiguous, where words can only take detours. I want to create forms and images, as spaces full of potential, as a catalyst for a possible revival."
- Benjamin Ottoz
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EXAG' Records family is a reference point for all psychedelic lovers looking for incredible music and amazing visual identities. Since EXAG' Records was founded in 2015, the label has been growing at is own pace as a niche label with remarkable bands such as Phoenician Drive and Slift. We selected Leopard Skull as music artist of the month. With influences ranging from the late Beatles to early Brian Eno and Foxygen, Leopard Skull brings an eclectic psych sound that is both captivating and estranging.
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FELIAE stands for the Latin word 'felidae', which means feline. FELIAE is more than another fashion brand, it is a dreamlike universe, where this feline invites, hides, suprises and reveals its wild nature. For het latest collection of silk scarves and bracelets, designe Morgane Vandevelde draws her inspiration from the long nights of Marrakesh and its unique atmosphere. For those who like a little adventure in their wardrobe.
"These unique pieces are an ode to femininity and sensuality and represent a wide-open window on the garden of Eden."
- Morgane Vandevelde of FELIAE
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Kriket is Belgium's frist cricket bar. Why crickets? Because crickets blend perfectly into our recipe, with their delicate, soft, and nutty flavor. Crickets are incredibly nutritious. And it gets even better. The KRIKET crickets are grown in an urban farm in the heart of Brussels on leftovers from the food industry. By eating a KRIKET bar, you help prevent valuable nutrients from being waster, playing a key role in the local circular economy.
"I hope these cricket bars will be a wake up call for people to reflect on their food habits."
- Michiel Van Meervenne from KRIKET
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Joanie Lemercier

With a background that combines programming, graphic design and lighting, the Frenchman Joanie Lemercier has built a unique trajectory as a light artist, with pieces and settings capable of altering our perception of reality, using light as his main tool. In 2013, he founded a creative studio based in Brussels, focused on research and development of installations, gallery pieces and experiments using projected light in space.
"Light as a medium, space as a canvas."
- Joanie Lemercier
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As an innovative publisher, Lannoo offers you the finest selection of (inter)national books on lifestyle, travel, art, food, wellbeing, culture, history and so much more. As our book product of the month, NATIONA(A)L selected this publication of Axel Vervoordt. For half a century, the world-famous art dealer and interior designer Axel Vervoordt and his company have been creating unique homes all over the world. This book brings together seventeen different residencies. Each house exudes a unique and serene atmosphere and connects art with architecture and nature in the typical Vervoordt way.
"A home should be an oasis, a safe haven that exudes happiness and joy.
- Axel Vervoordt in his book by Lannoo
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Pauline Mikó

Pauline Miko is a professional photographer and art director. Through the use of different media in her performative and photographic projects, she constantly asks questions about our relationship with the environment, the soil, the minerals and life. On the 5th of December, she will present her performances PLUIES at NATIONA(A)L Artist Supermarket. PLUIES is a sonic and performative project, aiming to strengthen the relationship between plants, nature and the human being.
"Remember, we're just passers-by."
- Pauline Miko
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